• by the LIU team

Glasgow or Edinburgh? Why not both?

Glasgow or Edinburgh? It's a question thousands of people have asked over the decades. Some employees have jobs requiring them to spend time in both cities, while couples might find themselves travelling in opposite directions to work each morning. Many people work in one city, but prefer to socialise in the other. And then there are those who simply want easy access to two major cities with world-renowned cultural scenes, from Edinburgh's Fringe and Castle to Glasgow's shops and live music industry.

Respectively 13 and 38 miles from Sauchiehall Street and Princes Street, Uddingston is one of the few towns in central Scotland that doesn't make its residents choose between Glasgow or Edinburgh. A £500 million upgrade of the M73, M74 and M8 motorways was completed in autumn 2017, placing Uddingston less than five minutes from all three trunk roads. Congestion-free access to these motorways was one of the upgrade's key benefits, and it gives residents of Uddingston peerless road links to Glasgow or Edinburgh along the impressively redesigned M8.

Uddingston's train station hosts three services an hour departing for Glasgow Central, plus three hourly services to Edinburgh Waverley. Journeys to the capital take around an hour, while Glasgow is accessible in just 12 minutes. That will seem extraordinary to anyone familiar with commuting into London or Birmingham at peak times, and it even shames some outlying suburbs of Glasgow.

Of course, there's far more to Uddingston than not having to choose between Glasgow or Edinburgh. To discover our town's many other attractions and merits, follow Living in Uddingston on Instagram or take a look at the other pages on this site. It's surprisingly easy to enjoy the best of both worlds...

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