• by the LIU team

A tale of two counties

If you’re new to this website, or if you’re considering moving to Uddingston for the first time, the geography of our town could seem confusing. While Uddingston’s peripheral housing estates are mostly within North Lanarkshire, Uddingston village is within the more affluent South Lanarkshire region. Then there’s Broomhouse – not part of Uddingston (and not even in Lanarkshire), yet marketed as Uddingston by optimistic housebuilders. And what about Bothwell, where the million-pound mansions of the Castle Policies district extend towards the edge of Uddingston’s main street? It’s all rather perplexing.

To simplify matters for anyone unfamiliar with Uddingston, we’ve created a map to illustrate how each suburb interconnects. You’ll see Uddingston village to the south-west of the M74, which provides a hard boundary between South Lanarkshire and North Lanarkshire. The north-east side of the motorway hosts the 1970s private housing of Calderbraes, the more modern estates of Tannochside, and Viewpark’s local authority housing. Surrounding areas like Bellshill, Broomhouse and Bothwell are also shown on the map, for clarity.

If you’d like to know more about how Uddingston is laid out, or which areas have the best amenities, why not drop us an email?

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