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The best place to live in Scotland?

If you’re visiting the Living in Uddingston website while researching the best place to live in Scotland, you’re bound to be impressed by the amenities and attractions featured across this community resource. But in these cynical times, can you be sure Uddingston really is one of the nicest towns in Scotland? Are we simply promoting its merits while disregarding its downsides?

To an extent, yes. No town is perfect. We don’t have a Waitrose, there’s no airport on our doorstep (though three international airports are located within a 45-minute drive of Uddingston), and we don’t have buildings dating back to the Tudor period. In fact, Uddingston only became established in Victorian times, with significant growth spurts in the early 20th and early 21st centuries.

To convince you Uddingston really is one of the best places to live in Scotland, we’ve assembled some impartial commentary from people with no vested interest or agenda. We start with VisitScotland, who list Uddingston’s local attractions including Viewpark Gardens: “a horticultural centre which features Japanese and Highland plant displays, as well as four glasshouses and water features.” They note Uddingston has “several sports clubs, with golf, cricket, rugby and hockey all proving popular”, though they forgot to list the recently refurbished Crofthead Park in the heart of town, or the NCR74 cycling route which passes right through Uddingston.

A more authoritative source of unbiased advice about the best places to live in Scotland is the Buildings of Scotland series. These books provide a detailed overview of Scotland’s towns and cities, and this is what the Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire edition has to say about Uddingston:

“Developed with determination during the Victorian period, the core of Uddingston remains impressively homogenous.” In other words, almost every building along the village’s main roads is built from either attractive red sandstone or matching red brick. “Main Street, less busy than when used as the principal route between Glasgow and Carlisle, is a boulevard of some charm.” And then there’s the Tunnocks factory: “makers of world-famous caramel wafers and teacakes, and in whose success Uddingston basks.”

Still not convinced Uddingston is one of the best places to live in Scotland? Can we persuade you with this quote from the Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland? “A thriving town…Standing amid pleasant environs, and commanding a brilliant view down the valley of the Clyde, it chiefly consists of modern, well-built houses.” Let’s consider Insider magazine’s description in December 2018 of Uddingston: “A smaller, provincial market town”, which is “relatively affluent. Activity here [is] being enhanced by the current fashion for localism, making small retail outlets and services more viable than in recent years.” (That’s a nod to our superb high street, which has extremely low occupancy levels and a high proportion of family-owned businesses).

The final word goes to Helen Moir’s unambiguously-titled book Uddingston. “Uddingston was in the main built in Victorian times, and this was when most of the large houses and tenements were erected. Increasing prosperity and improved communications, as well as the general amenities of Uddingston, encouraged such developments.” And who are we to argue? It seems Uddingston really is one of the best places to live in Scotland…

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