• Living in Uddingston team

Is Uddingston a good place to live?

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that the Living in Uddingston team are very proud of our home town. We’ve spent the last three years extolling the virtues of living here, celebrating Uddingston’s retail and leisure facilities while profiling its residential and commercial property stock.

However, there’s more to a town’s desirability than its amenities. Factors like crime, deprivation and transport links also play a part. And calculating these factors is a job conducted by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivations survey, which is published every four years and divides the country into 6,976 distinct data zones. Each of these covers an area equivalent to a few urban streets, or a modestly-sized hamlet.

The M74 between South and North Lanarkshire, looking unusually quiet during the lockdown

Each zone is rated according to seven factors including education/skills, employment, crime and geographic access. This is then used to calculate an overall ranking, with results split into ten deciles (blocks of ten per cent). An area with low income and high crime will appear in the most deprived decile, while an area with the opposite statistics will be at the other end of the scale. A colour chart from royal blue (least deprived) to crimson red (most deprived) offers an at-a-glance summary of how each zone is performing nationally, with an overall ranking from 1st (a particularly deprived area of Greenock) to 6,976th (the exclusive Stockbridge district in central Edinburgh).

The 2020 SIMD map was recently published, depicting Uddingston as a sea of mid-blue shades, from the Castle Policies part of Uddingston Village across the M74 into Tannochside and Calderbraes. This reflects the generally positive health, employment and education statistics associated with our town – and matched by neighbouring Bothwell. It’s instructive to compare Uddingston to North Lanarkshire towns like Coatbridge and Airdrie, where levels of deprivation are far deeper and more prevalent.

You can view the latest SIMD data for Uddingston by clicking here. For reference, Uddingston Village lies south-west of the yellow line differentiating North and South Lanarkshire, while Tannochside, Calderbraes and Viewpark are all west of the black dual-carriageway delineating Uddingston from neighbouring Bellshill to the east. You can also view corresponding data from 2016 and 2012 by switching between maps on the left-hand side of the screen, to see how consistent Uddingston’s performance has been over the last eight years.